If possible, enjoy your summer holidays!

As per title, the summer holiday season has arrived, enjoy, be safe!, see you in a few weeks!

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Yes I also wish everybody here nice holidays.

Same to you from me!

Holydays are made of good people, nice places, time for something that you or who you love enjoys.

Of course traveling the world is wonderful but… no place is fantastic if you’re all alone.

I already did, thank you. :smiley:

Radda in Chianti, Bologna, Verona, then London and the Lake District.


Did you visit Italy? When?

Off to Amsterdam in a few days, certainly planning to enjoy the trip.

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Drop me a line if you are in NL, see if I can reach out to you.

Send your virtual postcards or destinations guys! :slight_smile:

Yep, at the beginning of June for 2 weeks. It was absolutely gorgeous.




Well, I’ll be attending the English Reformed Church in Amsterdam on Sunday, but vacationing with family, so probably won’t be able to visit much.

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Talking about pictures:



Looks like Koln

Yes, 70 km from my home

270 Km from my home :wink:

@danb35 is doing a good tour in Europe. Maybe even catch a day at the Tour de France… :wink:

France yes, Tour no–we’ll be in Strasbourg tomorrow, after Freiburg today.

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Still in my road trip in andalousia, it is hot now:)

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