Idea or not Services user and groups

Hello Dev-Community

first thanks for your good word and very fine support. Now i am a admin of institute of a german university. I like to use Neth for my institute. I am reading a lot about LDAP and AD. (Its very nice to work without Windows is mutch better for my health)

How deep is the integration of LDAP/AD? Why?

In my network are totally differed user and groups. It will be nice to close ore open services for single users or groups. Example this User can use sogo but not the file sever or nextcloud. Yes i know not every service (Mattermost) is using LDAP by default (sometimes it is working with enterprise versions) .

Is or can be a nice idea for Cockpit ?


Hi @AxelTU Thank you for your proposal.
I think it is a long term wish to have a independent administrative tool for policies and users/groups. Most admins currently use RSAT tools on a Windows client when they use Samba4 account provider. On NethServer there is phpldapadmin module available

You can also have a look at LAM. This has been discussed here: LAM - LDAP Account Manager

But a solution from cockpit with more options to manage policies would be a huge asset.

Hello Rob

Thx for your answer. I like to have a simple tool to block services for users and groups. Hope i can help for writing :wink: code. In the first Step for all LDAP/AD based Services.

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