I need wordpress module in NS7

When will be available module of wordpress in NS7?
and I do not find roadmap of nethserver. Could you tell us about your plan?
thank you for your nethserver!!!

Here we are

Not tested on NS7 yet, right @stephdl?

Though, you can try our brand-new virtual-host module and post your tests

Ok. I try virtualhost module and share folder for install wordpress and owncloud. But how about your plan for NS7?

We plan to use the VH as a simple way to integrate all the web applications
Did you manage to install Wordpress using Virtual Host?

wordpress module is available for ns7 in my repository

There is new feature you can set a virtualhost (toto.com) instead of an alias (url/toto), it concerns ns6 and ns7

Since wordpress stores all relative url in its database, you must change the new url before in the admin dashboard, then change it by the command line in your server.


When I set the virtual host I can see wordpress on my main domain, but when I try to login as admin I get redirected to the wordpress alias that can not be found.

Any advice please?


just tested with a new installation, it works out of the box.

I set https://domain.com for the two fields

after that on your server you need to adjust the correct url

config setprop wordpress DomainName domain.com
signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update

Wordpres is itself a bit tricky because if you fail to adjust the good url, your only chance is to modify it in the mysql database.

To understand better we could have a look to the apache error, but I bet for a 404 or 403 error

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My bad, misread the wiki page. Sorry for the noise.

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