I have an empty port in router that keeps blinking any idea?

i have microtek router that has the eth6 plinking with no cable. i also cannot access the router in any way i try winbox and it does give me an error cannot connect to device but still show it and show the mac address of it. i suspect that the router has an issue and i also notice that one of the ports has some residual of electrical short and when i ask about it they told me it happen a year ago. any idea?

You may try a reset:


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I was thinking the same, that it has an issue because of the blinking. It might have shorted out sometime and develop the issue over time.

Check if a reset can resolve it as @mrmarkuz suggested. Also, if you are able to connect/log into the router, try to flush with new firmware as available.

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thank you all i will try to reset it and see how it will go

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