I broke the Webgui (ns 6.8)

I have a testing server with an accounting software (installed “centos style”, not from webgui) and some testing archive in it: nothing difficult to re-install, but quite huge to copy over again… I was playing around to enable webserver, mysql, and phpmyadmin from webgui, but I couldn’t get into phpmyadmin, I thought (genius) to clean everything up from console and start over again. I cleaned too much: I remember I deleted the e-smith folder, but maybe I don’t remember something else. Now the machine and the “external” software are working perfectly, but the ns gui isn’t. Is there a way to restore it without formatting? I don’t mind loosing ibays or users because the software depends only from vsftpd using a list for the only user allowed.

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The rpm command can help by reporting any missing file:

rpm -Va

Then you can reinstall broken packages:

yum reinstall ...
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You definitely saved the day: thank you.
I did also a yum list nethserver-* and launch the reinstall command for all the installed nethserver-* packages.

I dare one more question: after doing that the rm-Va command continues listing missing files from wordpress and phpmyadmin, but even if I install and reinstall they are always there. Any hint to clean that?

Here the last log from rpm -Va:

Perhaps you need to reinstall some dependent package. To find the package name, I don’t remember if rpm -qf works for missing file, but you could try with

rpm -qf /usr/share/wordpress/wp-includes/atomlib.php
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Gotcha! Thank you.

Please, if that is the case, mark your support request as “solved” !

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