Howto section or wiki area?

let’s go @alefattorini we need the HowTo section to add this “copy-n-paste-how-to” ! goodwork @nrauso , i had missed all the nethserver’s registration part on my installation…now i’ve fixed :smiley:

more than a howto section, it is a wiki area that is needed here. Once a trick is given by someone it is not possible to add mentions, or to modify it if you are not the author.


+1 for the wiki area

Thanks guys for the suggestion, we can use Discourse Wikification feature which consists of

See this example: Adagios installation on NethServer 6.x
What do you think?

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@alefattorini it’s ok for me


Discourse is a great collaboration tool, too! :smile:

We could also

  • publish a “stable enough” howto as a blog-post, or
  • create an howto section into the official web site.

Why not? The big advantage of keeping howtos here is the global serch, you can search a term in bug/support/features/howto/discussion at the same time or filtering by category. Simple and effective.

You’re right! Let’s see how far it goes :wink:

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Fast and easy, I like it!

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I think a wiki is always a good start place.
A very good exemple is the Gentoo Linux documentation:

Because an “how to” is not all…
There are how to for developpers, there are how to for users, there are how to for documentation writers, etc, etc…

I said my opinion above:

But we could think to a wiki, I’d like to have a wiki markdown based (so we can copy/paste proposals and drafts crafted here) and github could be a good choice. Easy, no maintainance, great editor and people can fork and make pull requests.
@davidep and @giacomo would like to move bug tracker there in the future, moving wiki and howto should not be a problem.
We will lost global search but we can link here docs or and index

It seems ReadTheDocs supports Markdown too!

Wiki area, I prefer it.
I like howtos but our goal is to “spread the word” and to achieve it I think a wiki is a better tool.

We can start with something like this with a little effort

I mention GitHub just for a reason:

  • it supports Markdown very well so we can copy/paste howtos born here on community or drafts extracted from posts
  • no new machine to administer, update, maintain or pay
  • it’s a powerful wiki, used by a lot of people

Does anyone has used it before?

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Markdown is supported by ReadTheDocs too, where the Admin Manual is now published.

I like the Admin manual and its format, there is something to fix in the full-text search but it could works.

Just a doubt: might people get in confusion using the same platform/formatting style?

AFIK ReadTheDocs supports customizable themes and source code is hosted on GitHub.

This is only an idea. I think GitHub wiki is fine too.