HowTo install NethServer on ProxMox OpenVZ container

So mini HOW-TO install on ProxMox OpenVZ container :

  1. First of all download ProxMox template put in into Template dir /vz/template/cache , do not unpack! Then create CT in ProxMox using this template.
  2. Login to SSH : and yum install yum-utils && yum-complete-transaction && yum update
  3. Reboot
  4. Login to SSH : and yum localinstall -y && yum update
  5. nethserver-install
  6. Reboot
  7. login to WEB interface with root and U password for root that U set when create virtual mashine.
  8. Be HAPPY!


  1. So when U create OpenVZ U should check bridged mode
  2. then login to U ProxmoxShell and make ifcfg-eth0 file in Root DIR of U container
    cat << EOF > /vz/root/102/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
    3.Then reboot OpenVZ and U be able to login U container though SSH
    4.Then install NethServer and repeat Step 2 ones more
    5.Login to U Nethserver and make :
    db networks set eth0 ethernet role green hwaddr 5A:E4:97:D9:C4:6F ipaddr netmask network gateway onboot yes bootproto static
    6.Install all U need from WEB Interface

P.S. it is not best way and i Recomed to Use QEMU but still


:thumbsup: Let’s ask @AbsyntH about publishing it under HowTo category

We could see if it integrates with previous topics:

Not a great expert on openvz here but i would be careful to mark as howto… what i mean is that yes, it’s an howto for the installation, this doesn’t yet mean that all nethserver modules will works correctly, IMHO.
maybe something like a work/test in progress
@Nas could you try to install firewall-base and vpn? i have some doubt it will work without modification with venet…

and tnx @Nas i’ll try soon, I wanted to try it for some time :smile:

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All of them discribe how to setup in QEMU mode not like OpenVZ container

Do you suggest a draft tag for howtos? @AbsyntH faced this problem time ago, it may be a good idea, but we need someone who can test/verify the HowTo and move or ask to move into the proper section.
It may be a task for the HowTo Team: @sitz, @nrauso, @AbsyntH, @etino
What do you think?

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i can not set up a bare metal machine for that test, i’ve no hardware free to use

What do you think about a “draft” tag for howto “not totally ready yet”?

i think that install on OpenVZ the worth idea , but Topic starter wants to try so i write down for him… it is not tuorial coz Openvz has a lot of disadvantages for Shorewall like IPset and so on !

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When I type in nethserver-install after following the above instructions I get the error:
-bash: nethserver-install : command not found

Please help