HowTo install Nethserver 7.9 as a LXC-Container on Proxmox 6.3-6 - Draft

My pfsense in configuration uses virtio without problem and high performances

I am thinking abt to pass through the (or some) NICs from Proxmox to OPNsense.
10G should then be possible…

That’s not a problem with HW-Passthru…

A larger problem is the cost of good 10 GBE NICs, and the IO on board of Proxmox to be able to use several 10 GBE NICs…

2nd Hand?

Possible, but then, if I want a Heater, I’d probably buy a Dyson… :slight_smile:

2nd hand are - depending on age - not very energy efficient, entail a high electricity bill.
Cooling, especially in Summer, is another issue.
Also, 2 CPUs are common, which increases your bill if licensing Proxmox.

But doable, you need to choose the hardware wisely - and get a good bargain…


Using Proxmox / VM Options / SmbBIOS you can set some options, which will show up in OPNSense / PFSense if using the DMIDecode Module…

Note: I use the MAC of the LAN NIC as “Serial Number”… :slight_smile: