HowTo install FOG-Project CloneServer on NethServer

If you have an onboard raid controller, it most probably is a FAKE RAID controller (IE: Software raid)
I strongly advice you NOT to use such a controller. IF you want RAID, configure it using MDADM during install of Debian (base of proxmox)

ProxMox does support raid in ZFS, but ZFS also need a LOT of RAM. If you have a lot of VM’s, you probably need more than 16GB RAM. (32GB at least and prev 64GB)

Thanks. And how will it be with efficiency?

What do you mean with efficiency? Software raid will take some processor and memory resources. But you are talking about 1-2% or so: barely noticeable.
Biggest problem with a fake raid controller on your mobo: what if your mobo breaks? With plain software raid by mdadm, you can repair. With an onboard controller you can pray if you can find the same mobo again to repair your raid set… If not, you have a real challenge.

ZFS does like its RAM, but I think this is being exaggerated. ZFS also brings many handy features to the table (snapshots in particular are pretty handy for a VM environment), which may well be worth any additional RAM overhead.

Agreed. I am running proxmox with ZFS on my home server with 16GB ram. This server is not that extesively used, but it runs quite nice with 2 NS VM’s, a Calibre and Unifi Controller container and several test VM’s that are on and off regularly.

Yes. I was thinking about CPU and RAM performance.
1, 2% is no problem :slight_smile:

To learn ZFS is on my (vy long) Todo List… A HowTo would be great, we could name it: HowTo install Proxmox with ZFS for hosting NethServer(s) ?

I use ZFS on my Storage (proxmox) and full-backup my VMs via NFS every night…

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There’s nothing whatsoever unique about Nethserver (compared to any other guest OS) on Proxmox with respect to its storage configuration, and “how to install Proxmox with ZFS” is trivial–it amounts to “pick ZFS in the installer.” There’s some further documentation here:

Yes, I meant a beginners guide or maybe best practice guide… install_nethserver_on_proxmox

With apologies to the author of that page, that’s about the most worthless page I’ve seen on the wiki (even ignoring the fact that it’s two major releases behind). It’s an extremely generic walk through creating a VM under Proxmox with absolutely nothing that’s specific to Nethserver (except the Linux 3.x+ OS). It doesn’t even get to installation, configuration, etc–and there’s really no reason for it to do so, as there’s simply nothing special about running Neth on Proxmox (whether on ZFS or any other filesystem).

Yes, that’s the point and maybe the reason for a new HowTo? Lets see what the other folks mean?

When time permits I will try to update the howto for installing NS on proxmoxn(5.2). Reminds me of my other things on todo list, like adding a howto for creating a dummy interface when installing NS on a VPS with only 1 interface…

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I know. Feel free to update… sometimes people write and forget to update. Bear with them.

Good idea! So many people here use Proxmox. So many! A good howto would be amazing

BTW @fausp you did a GREAT job supporting @Manonthemoon_AK thanks for your time.

Yes, we should ask who has the most experience with proxmox? In a new post we could grab the infos and produce a HowTo or Wiki…

You are welcome…


A “good howto” for what, exactly? This is the part I’m having trouble understanding. There’s nothing at all special, unique, or in any way out of the ordinary about installing Neth under Proxmox. If you can create a VM in Proxmox, you can create a Neth VM. If you need help creating a VM, the Proxmox docs are the place to go.

I’m not trying to be a downer, but I really don’t see any value to be added here.

Where there is value to be added, IMO, is documenting Neth installations on VPS or other cases where you have only one NIC (as @robb mentioned up-thread).

Here your are:

And an updated howto for installing NethServer on a ProxMox host is available now too in our wiki. Hope this one is more complete and consistent.

I’m still fighting, but thank you very much for all your help.
I think I will go towards Proxmox.
I received a lot of good support here. Thanks.

You are welcome. You know, to learn all these stuff takes time !

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Our community people rock! :rocket:

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this is definately and education team kind of product.
combined with meshcentral and guacamole