HowTo disable public ldap adressbook in RoundCube?

NethServer Version: v7
Module: Roundcube

Hi all,

Nethserver v7 works like a charm, but when users connect to their roundcube webmail, they see the public ldap adressbook that i wish to completely hide from every users.
How should i proceed ?


I suppose that you can remove the file

not tested but it should work…else reinstall nethserver-roundcubemail

of couse the next update will recreate this file

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you don’t have to remove it, just create an empty fragment with the same name and the same path under templates-custom dir…

this will survive to all the upgrades

Mate, I’m sure you already know it :wink:

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sure, I think about that after :blush:

So this is what i’ve done, following stephdl and Stefano_Zamboni. Many
thanks to them :slight_smile:
By the way stephdl, i know you need help but at this time i can’t.
Really sorry about that. Bon courage :wink:
So, this is how to prevent the public ldap adressbook from appearing in

First, open :
Find 50ADDRESSBOOK_SETTINGS, which is what i was looking for.

I could have removed it following stephdl, but i have prefered to create
my own template.
cd /etc/e-smith/templates-custom

Create a relative path, NOT an absolute one as i initially did :wink:
mkdir -p /etc/roundcubemail/

Go to the directory you created :
cd etc/roundcubemail/

Copy the original file in the current directory :

Remove the first part of the file (LDAP and AD are useless for me).
There’s another trick : you must remove ‘public’ where the file deals
with :
"// An ordered array of the ids of the addressbooks that should be searched
// when populating address autocomplete fields server-side."
Instead of :
$config[‘autocomplete_addressbooks’] = array(‘sql’,‘public’);
Use :
$config[‘autocomplete_addressbooks’] = array(‘sql’);

Save your configuration file.

As stated in the Nethserver documentation