How to manually send warning expired password e-mail?

Hello folks,
I want to manually send a warning message about an user’s expired password. How should I do?
I’m running NethServer release 6.7 (final).
Thank you.

Why should you do this manually?
The “Password policy” will do this automatically!
As sysadmin you can do other tasks that are not automatically. Just my opinion.

But, if you insist to do this manually, you can do that from your email address or you can create a special email address for this task.

thank you @GG_jr.
If I’ve understood right, NS will send to end user a message warning his/her password is expiring in x days.
If just fired up a NS server.
Minumum value, on web GUI, for The number of days before sending a reminder is 7 days.
Via CLI I can set up that value matching my needs, with config setprop passwordstrength PassWarning .
Setting to 0 I’m not receiving the message.
I want to get the message in order to see what I get.
I hope I exposed clearly.

7 days is minimum.

You will get something like this from “dont-reply@mail.yourdomain.tld”:

"You have 5 days left to change your password before your account will be blocked.

Available methods to change your password:

This message has been generated automatically, do not respond to it."

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So, there’s not a manual method to send warning email.

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