How to make Nethserver Mac OS X Friendly


(Stéphane de Labrusse) #21

the package netatalk-3.1.7-1.2.fc24.src.rpm you gave, can be built without difficulties by mock and the nethserver-6.7 configuration FYI

mock -r nethserver-6.7-x86_64 --rebuild netatalk-3.1.7-1.2.fc24.src.rpm

yum install

(Alessio Fattorini) #22

Such a wonderful gift for @Jim!


Oh yes… A gift for me :laughing:



I want to say with the NS 6.9 update.
All this stuff ( Avahi / Netatalk / Time Machine ) still working wonderfull.

Yeah :grinning:

(Beat Arnet) #25

Hi Jim,

Have you also had success with NS 7.x?



It’s work fine ( without AD ).

(Beat Arnet) #27

Thanks for the reply!

Hmm, “without AD”. I was actually hoping I could use AD for authentication. What is the issue that you are experiencing?


It’s the way to set options before compiling!

I’m running Netthserver for my modest home network without windows clients.

There’s s a way to compile with AD support,
I’d already seen such things in the Netatalk mailing list :wink:

Perhaps, we can motivate the developer team to work on such feature!
Lonely, I didn’t succeed… but certainly that we can involve the developer team to make a turn key Time Capsule Nethserver :grin:

(Beat Arnet) #29

Oh, I would absolutely love a turn key Time Capsule Nethserver!

(Beat Arnet) #30

I successfully followed this howto with NS 7.5.1804.

Here are my steps related to compiling and installing Netatalk:

yum install nethserver-mock
mock -r nethserver-7-x86_64 --rebuild netatalk-3.1.11-1.3.fc29.src.rpm
yum install /var/lib/mock/nethserver-7-x86_64/result/netatalk-3.1.11-1.3ns7.x86_64.rpm

Thanks again @Jim and @stephdl!