How to make clamav works with nextcloud?

Someone knows how can make it works clamav with nextcloud installed with 1-click option in nethserver?

Sorry for my bad english.

Actually it is a 2 click operation :wink:

First install clamav on Netherserver, see documentation/wiki
Then install clamav app as admin in Nextcloud


I tried to look for but i was not that lucky…

Does this help?


Yes it does! I looked for Clamav, but was the wrong search key.

Thanks to everyone, i jus to read this, i make it works yesterday, really i don’t know what works lol

I tried first with this

But seems like doesn’t works, later i installed in this way:

yum install clamav clamav-scanner clamav-scanner-systemd clamav-server clamav-server-systemd clamav-update

But i think that i hace conflicts, then i remove everything and i tried again with the secon option and works as i remember, anyway, if i need to do it again i will try only with the wiki.

Thanks again everyone.