How to Introduce Mailserver to the world!

Hi guys,
Hope all of you guys are doing well. Quick question though. I’ve been struggling with this thing for a while now. I know it might be a piece of cake for some of you guys, but hey I guess you will never know until you ask right! Anyway, my question is, I have my mail server set up and everything. I’m able to send and receive mails with my lan. Now how can I configure it to be able to receive/send mails to let say yahoo, google or hotmail etc. I have godaddy domain and I’ve been trying to set up my SMTP, IMAP but no luck. also I have all my port 25, 993 open but still not getting through. Now if someone will be kind enough to take be through step by step how to do that, BOY,!!! that will be a miracle for me lololol. But seriously, I need help to get this to work. Im somewhat new to this so y’all should take it easy on me. Please all hands on the desk…Help help help :sob:

First things first. Unless you pay for business service with your isp, it’s highly likely they’re blocking port 25 except to their own mail servers. So before anyone goes any further with this, are you on a business connection with port 25 open?

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Noo!!! Just trying to get it hooked up at home.

Do you have a static or a dynamic IP address at home?
If it is dynamic, you will get problems. It may work but the dynamic IP-Range and frequently changing IP addresses as well as updating the public DNS frequently will be horrorible.
I’ve done this one time, but it was really instable. Especially the blocking by other Mailservers.

Yah I hv a static ip @ home.

OK. Is your Nethserver your Gateway (“Router”) or do you run it like a usual server behind your router of the ISP?
If you are doing this, did you forward the Mailports to the Mailserver?

Did you entered the MX-Entry at your domain provider (GoDaddy)?
Do you have ReverseDNS configured? This is required for some Mailservers, otherwise they will not accept Mails send by your Mailserver.

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well, I’m runing it as a server behind my isp router. All my ports are forward. yah I have my MX-Entry as (both send/receive).

ReverseDNs----- have no Idea. I don’t think I did it.

Can you check your Mailserver using this tool and post the output - especially the failed ones?

For configuration try to read :

For problem:


@ Kristian
This is what I got after MXlookup.

PWS3v2 203ms
ms Received 2 Referrals , rcode=NO_ERROR 172800
IN NS, 172800 IN NS,

1 AUTH 46
ms Received 1 Answers , rcode=NO_ERROR 600
IN MX 1,

It seems i’m blacklisted. So how do I get around with this. my mail-server is just personal use. Not business though. thanks

how can I get the reverseDNS done?

If blacklisted I suggest configuring a smarthost
In the meanwhile you have time to delist

Your server name is with ip
if so: the email you use are or
I do not find records mx allocated for domain (from

You can not set it yourself. you should contact the vendor of the ADSL line.
to test you have to run (from a windows pc)

ping -a

It gives you the value of the reverse dns


The problem is that most ISPs will not configure a reverse DNS for you, especially if they assign you a dynamic IP. Even if they assign you a static IP, they still may not.

So, even though you can have a DNS record pointing to you, via a Dynamic DNS Provider, you’re very unlikely to be able to get a reverse DNS, which immediately puts you on some Black Lists.


@cobby I am interested in how this is going, have you resolved yet? Can you mark this topic as solved?