How to install zoneminder on NethServer?

Any plans to support zoneminder and mariaDB. Maybe an install option?
I’m close to crossing the line from thinking to doing. I have the hardware now. It is just my need for zoneminder is more immediate. Thanks.

Welcome, Wes.
mariaDB is already there, but you might see it referred as mysql. For other than the officialy supported (stock) mariaDB version, there are additional community modules.
We don’t have a module for zoneminder but a howto for it:

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Well Im gonna take that as a no.I read some of userguide:zoneminder. MariaDB isnt mysql to me. I dont think it is to zoneminder either. Thats ok . Zoneminder should be stand alone anyway. Isnt MariaDB vs Mysql a lot like LibreOffice vs OpenOffice? Sun took over Openoffice & Oracle took over MySQL.

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No, it isn’t. However, it is compatible. And what you get when you run mysql on a Neth box is MariaDB. You don’t have to believe me; try it for yourself.

What I mean is, for instance, nethserver-mysql package installs mariaDB but kept -mysql in the name for historical reasons.
MariaDB is a drop in replacement for MySQL.

Oh - I guess Really? Ok Thanks… Still zoneminder should
probably be run on Ubuntu… Thanks

I man, happy to see you here.
Would you mine to answer the original topic?