How to install OXWALL 1.8.1 on Nethserver6.7 or 7

Has anybody had the joy of installing the php application of OXWALL on Nethserver. I have never been so dumbfound on this.

Installed Curl, got php 5.5 running, MySQL 5. But to no joy?


Maybe you need virtualhost? Try to install php selector from @stephdl repo.

if I look at system requirements, php 5.3 and up are necessary, so it should work on a vanilla NS6.7 (if php is the bottleneck)

Thanks @Nas & @robb It seems that oxwall is very touchy, I did try the virtual host, but I have rather used an alternative, as it seems OXWALL , isnt really moving towards PHP 7. Keeping with the updates and secure programming is a must…