How to install nethserver on Odroid C1 & C1+

Unfortuantely there are no native CentOS images available for OdroidC1. It looks like the generic CentOS image comes with mainline kernel and there is dtb file for OdroidC1, I did not see a u-boot image suitable to boot that up, even if it did work, mainline kernel does not yet have full support for OdroidC1. Instead I took the bootloader and the kernel from ArchLinuxARM (something I’m familiar with) and the userland is obviously CentOS.

  1. You can download the image here:

  2. After downloading, extract the image (7-Zip for windows, unxz for *nix) and

  3. then burn it onto SD or eMMC with either win32imager (for windows)

or use dd for linux

dd if=path-to-CentOS-Userland-7-armv7hl-OdroidC1-Minimal-1810-sda.raw.img of=/dev/sdX bs=1M
  1. Now you can insert the sd or eMMC into OdroidC1, connect the ethernet cord and boot by applying power.
    OdroidC1 will boot up. I don’t know why ,but the screen does not work. We don’t need it anyway for this purpose so I haven’t looked into this problem. Later you may want to edit /boot/boot.ini and disable “vpu” and “hdmioutput” to save ~150MB of ram.

  2. SSH in into OdroidC1. Find the IP by going into your router to see what IP was assigned to OdroidC1
    Username: root Password: centos (same as the official CentOS images).

  3. Expand rootfs to use all space on SD/eMMC


  1. Install nethserver-release repository
yum install -y
  1. Install nethserver. Run


If you start getting yum errors trying to install packages, edit the following file:


(use vi, nano or WinSCP - whatever works for you)

And disable both [ce-sclo-rh] and [ce-sclo-sclo] by changing




and also for every repository that starts with [ce-*] comment the line that starts with mirrorlist= and uncomment the one that starts with baseurl=.
In every baseurl= line change centos to altarch as in the following example




baseurl= altarch /$nsrelease/os/$basearch/


Thanks for sharing your notes man.
How do you use your Odroid c1?

To be honest I’m not using it for anything at the moment, but the goal was to replace Opnsense x86 machine and possibly have a nextcloud server (which I found out later is not available on arm for nethserver) to reduce the energy bill.
Odroid C1 has a gigabit built-in nic + USB Gigabit NIC for the red zone (although usb 2.0 would limit max throughput to around 240-300Mbit/s) which should be perfect as a gateway.

Odroid XU4 might be a better alternative for those who want to get more out of nethserver with 8core arm cpu, usb 3.0, Gigabit builtin NIC and 2GB ram. There are lots of choices out there for miniserver/gateway purposes.

OTOH, NextcloudPi would be right up your alley.


Thanks, nextcloud is not the main goal though. I realize there are many other options out there. Nethserver just has everything neatly integrated into one UI, so that’s why I like it.

Does anyone know why nextcloud is not available for arm though?

Because of PHP7 seems to be missing for arm:


@mrmarkuz What’s about this article:

You got it work, or not.

Honestly, I don’t remember but it looks like it worked, I have to recheck. If yes we should finish the implementation.


It’s still working with the Nextcloud 15.0.0 packages by @mark_nl :

cat > /etc/yum.repos.d/NethserverSCL.repo << EOF
name=Nethserver-arm SCL testing

yum install

I am going to provide an updated Nextcloud-arm package…