How to enable push


Hello to all.
I wanted to ask how to enable the push email function on nethserver 7
having configured the email access in imaps and smtps.
The account works as an iPhone but the push is not active.
Thank you.

Hi Francesco,

there’s EAS support in Webtop and Sogo but for mails IMAP is recommended:

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Please have a look at this thread also:

Perhaps it can help you.

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Thank you for your reply.
I have always used Sogo or Webtop. Both work very well in activesync mode. Connecting iphone in exchange configuration works great on both. If I try the same iphone with the same server in imap it connects regularly but without push. I remember reading that the problem is iphone which disables the push or IDLE function on many IMAP servers. However, sorry for my English translated by google :blush: and thank you very much.

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I don’t think that push is disabled on Nethserver NG: I have some Android phones and Thunderbird on Windows that are connected to Nethserver mail via IMAP and I receive almost instantly the mails that coming in my accounts.

I found this article how to disable the push in IOS 11. Maybe you can check and reverse the instructions:

I have found this too:


Ciao, il push non è disattivato su nethserver ma pare che lo sia da iphone, infatto il problema è su iphone da dove effettuo la connessione in imap.
Grazie per aver risposto

Google Translation!

Hello, the push is not disabled on nethserver but it seems that it is from iphone, infact the problem is on iphone from where I make the connection in imap.
Thank you for answering

@dev_team is there an IMAP push plugin for dovecot installed at nethserver? I can’t find anything about it.

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No, the push is active because it works well with other devices. But on apple iphone ipad is not active. I have documented about it and it seems it is an apple choice to activate it only in some cases. This is what I know today. Thank you

Which IOS do you have? IMAP IDLE is supported since version 11.

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Currently I have version 11.3