How to create sub folder in shared folders

Is that possible for system administrator to create sub folder in shared folders web gui and assign user right to the sub folder? If yes, how am I going to do it? Thanks :smile:


you can only create shares… subfolders and acl are not available

Thanks for your reply. If it is impossible via web gui, how about through CentOS root CLI ?

Following is the example I try to achieve:

  • Main Shared Folder
    - Sub Shared Folder 1
    - Sub Shared Folder 2

  • Group User A
    - User A1
    - User A2

  • Group User A can access to Main Shared Folder

  • User A1 only can access to Sub Shared Folder 1

  • User A2 only can access to Sub Shared Folder 2

to remove all old rights
setfacl -R -k /var/lib/nethserver/Ibayname

to set the whole right
setfacl -R -m g:GroupUserA:rwx /var/lib/nethserver/Ibayname

and to set particular right
setfacl -R -m u:UserA:rwx /var/lib/nethserver/Ibayname/FolderUserA
setfacl -R -m u:UserB:rwx /var/lib/nethserver/Ibayname/FolderUserB

Not tested but workable here on another centos like distros. You need to know that every time you will save the parameters of that Ibay you will reset your custom parameters…I bet it

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You can follow the windows way, logging in as domain admin (admin for example) and with the right button you can assign permissions using linux ACL
Give it a chance

You can use acls to do that, but remember once you set acls you cannot use
chmod again on the files because it will erase the acls.

Thanks guys :smile:, I will give it a try and update my result.