How to configure the NIC?


Yes, I ask this how to configure the NIC? :grin:
But not by the WEBGUI… by the CLI way.

I have a strange behavior, not sure NS is the cause, perhaps a Virtual Box issue:

I’ve got a NethServer instance in a VM on my Mac.
For one reason too long to explain here, I had to change the subnet of my home Network.
It was the, and now it is

The Mac is on the correct network, take is IP by DHCP ( the MicroServer), but when I start the NetServer VM, it still in the old network, nothing abnormal because it’s a fix IP address :smile_cat:
I reconfigure the nic with the CLI, via the Cent OS way…
By editing the /etc/sysconfig/netwok-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

The Nethserver on the actual network ping successfully, my gateway… But I still unreachable from the Mac !!!

When I restart the VM… It return to the the old network.

When I change the nic configuration… Is there the database to fix?
How to?

# db networks show

see for changing property manually

The developer manual ( has a complete working example:

db networks set eth0 ethernet role green hwaddr xx:yy:27:DE:B6:51 ipaddr netmask network onboot yes bootproto static

Usually, you only need to set ipaddr, netmask and gateway.

Okay, it was it’s the e-smith that wasn’t well adjusted… :skull:
@stephdl @filippo_carletti, I successful change the nic configuration.

When I do db networks show, I’ve got now the correct configuration.

From a shell box, on the Mac, I successfully ping the VM.
From the VM, I ping the Mac address.

But from the browser, I don’t access the webgui :smirk:

What do you suggest to adjust?
Edit: when I do
# config show dns
It show a wrong dns server, so it not make a proper dns subscription.

It’s the dns to fix… How to?
Why the https://ip_addr:980 don’t open the webgui?

which network solution did you use for virtualbox, bridge based or nat based, in this last case you need to do a nat redirection

The king @Ctek said “bridged” :smiley: