How to configure Open VPN


How I can configurate Open VPN in nethserver… Thnax for the help.

Hi @kristian1369
Did you find the documentation on VPN?
If you have any specific questions on problems you encounter, please ask them and give as much information as possible so we can help you get your VPN up and running.

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Hi, I have done it like this

  1. Installed OpenVPN from software center,
  2. goto Gateway → OpenVPN roadwarrior
  3. Checked → Enable roadwarrior server
  4. choosed Username, password and certificate
  5. Mode → Routed mode
  6. Entered desired IP network for VPN
  7. Entered desired Netmask for VPN
  8. [advanced] → checked Push all static routes
  9. [advanced] → DHCP options → enter domain name and local DNS server IP
  10. [Connection parameters] → enter your external IP address / or external dns name
  11. After that I installed LDAP account provider
  12. created new user + password
  13. go back to Gateway → OpenVPN roadwarrior
  14. second tab → Roadwarriors account → Create new
  15. choosed System user → submit
  16. go back to Roadwarriors account → on user use Action and Downloaded listed files
  17. OpenVPN client on Windows/Linux works very well with that

this is how i have done it on my router based on NS7


I need to configure a public IP…?

question is - is this for your users working from i.e. home/different place than your work? or this is internal OpenVPN server (not for public use)

in case no 1 you should add your external IP
in case no 2 you should add IP of your openVPN server which is inside your network

more details please ? :slight_smile:

I have something like this:

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looks fine, is it not working? Advanced under routed mode there, make sure both options are checked

@Jclendineng this is my configuration not @kristian1369 - i am / we are still waiting for his scenario what he want to achive :slight_smile: