How many of you are using the WebTop module?

I’d like to gather some feedback about it

  • How many of you?
  • How are your feelings about that? Do you like it or not? Why?
  • How can we improve it?
  • In case you’re not using it could you tell me why?

I guess that @lucag and @gabriele_bulfon will be happy about your feedback :smile:
Please @loic @samuele_cialdini @AbsyntH @medworthy @lucius @transocean @vhinzsanchez @Gardia @Lennart_Ulvonas would you mind to take part in the debate?

listen mode activated! :smile:

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I don’t use webtop but i have an improvement…webtop and the nethserver integration are in the same rpm (i saw also that for adagios…not sure)…it gives a huge rpm…and for a tiny modification in the neth integration you need to install (and download)a big rpm.

Imho this needs two rpms, one for the neth integration, one for webtop.

Please save the bandwithd of my mirror :wink:


I agree 120% with you: any package must be a different file from nethserver-package rpm

i.e., if I want to install webtop, I only have to install nethserver-webtop and the main package will be installed as a dependency one

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I agree with @stephdl and @zamboni BUT the RPM is composed by 3 parts: templates and actions, zpush code (PHP), webtop code (exploded Java JAR).
And the only thing is changing right now is the Java part, so you will not have any benefit from a package split in 2 (or 3) parts: you will always need to download a webtop rpm of about 50MB.

We also have delta rpms, but I don’t think jar files can have any benefits from them.

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This is only one of the reasons I hate Java: tons of jar bundled in any application! :frowning:
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sure, but if I have to upfrade only the templates/action package (bugfixing? enhancements?) I have not to download 50 mb of thing I already have on my system :smile:

about trollling: I agree with you…

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I have yet just installed Webtop and try to connect through Activesync
with an Android phone, but without success. I have followed the
documentation for that. I have Sogo as well, and enabled/disabled
Activesync accordingly.
Are there other protocols to connect to Webtop like Dav?
I need to have at least on protocol working, both would make me move
from Sogo.
Thanks for your work.

@loic if I’m not wrong you can use ActiveSync just with one at time between SOGo and Webtop.
If you were using SOGo with Activesync Webtop doesn’t works with Android devices.

I have followed the instructions of the documentation to enable/disable
Activesync for Sogo or Webtop, but without success. Is there any log to
understand my bug?

@loic Thanks for your answer, please follow up your topic:

Hi @loic,
I use Activesync on my Android with Webtop without problems for several months.

I would suggest to do some checks to try to help you solve your problem:

  1. controls the settings of your Webtop account be enabled synchronization: (Settings -> General -> Synchronization -> Enable Synchronization)

  2. when you set up the EAS account on the device remember to leave blank the field “Domain” and fill in the username with the domain (username@domain.ext)

  3. occurs access Activesync z-push from a browser using this URL: https://SERVER_NAME_OR_IP/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync
    (remember to include your username always with …@domain.ext)

I hope you can find the solution :wink:


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