How many of you are using NethServer for business/personal use? ☑

I wouldn’t think of myself as a consultant but a freelance IT professional who’s had experience in networking and computer systems. I do part time work at times when needed and also follow other interests in life. Have ambition to do a master degree in software development in the near future.

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I’m using it at home.
I’ve tried it at work because of a mail problem I had, but nethserver wasn’t the solution.

And yes, I want to monitor my solar panel inverters with the nethserver server. It’s always on, so why should I use an other device :slight_smile:

How do you monitor it? Which software did you use on XP?

All other things should be no problem at all. You may even replace your ipfire with Nethserver, it’s a good firewall, proxy, ips, vpn server too and for home use one device may be enough.

I think Nethserver is the best solution for an easy mail server so may I ask you what was the problem?

And you have some clients where you are installing NethServer? And supporting it? Or just suggesting?

I work In a Company that is a Nethesis Partner, so we sell/maintain Nethserver Ent to our customers (file server, mail server, base for other Company software, firewall, PBX) and use it internally.

I installed a Nethserver NG 6.9 Ent with Nethvoice at home and, with a list (tellows) and a script I can block most of the unwanted calls (mom thanks!).
Then I have installed a VM inside with Nethservice NG 7.4 with Madsonic.


No I don’t have clients who I install NethServer to or clients that make profit from NethServer. I only tried NethServer as an alternative to Zentyal which I have used previously. Heard a lot about NethServer from forums of those who left Zentyal. I have used NethServer once as a solution for a small business setup who I provide support which have issues with managing its network and bandwidth. I’m still learning and still going through issues which I hope will find solutions lurking through posted forums. How do people use NethServer? Maybe a business/ personal usage policy page for us.


Hello @ricko,

Feel free to open a support topic if you need help with your NethServer setup…

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Both :smiley: It is very flexible and gave me a chance to learn centos. Former debian user here, have not touched it in about a year :smirk:

Oh boy Zentyal…I only wish more people could jump ship…centos is so much better. I used zentyal back in my dark ages before I found nethserver and my eyes and heart were opened to the truth :smile: zentyal was alright but unless you knew debian in and out (I did) there were so many issues. From a security standpoint that isn’t good.

Ahaha I :heart: this sentence! I gonna steal it for my marketing stuff :smiley:

What do you mean exactly? A page where we try to summarize this discussion? Can you provide some examples?

I am the IT manager of a Belgian Bio Food (and recently also some cosmetics) Company. Before, in the dark ages, we briefly used clearos and smeserver but quickly changed to zentyal, called ebox platform at that time. Most of my linux experience comes from ubuntu and I was more comfortable with it. We used Ebox for mail and filesharing and as a basis for our quest for groupware tools.
When Zentyal became a crippled buggy piece of &#!t I looked back to SMEserver and found Nethserver. Now we use it in the company for Mail, File Sharing, Groupware (SOGo) and Virtualhost running an ubuntu/alfresco and ubuntu/magento test server.
At home I also have NS on a Raspberry Pi 3 for vpn server.


I found NS when Zentyal started dropping all the pieces that I needed for a router/firewall/gateway/server for a small home network and tried to make themselves a Micro$haft replacement. I wasn’t as concerned as to which distro was the underpinning, because if you know Linux you can easily pick up another. Or is that my minimalist Slackware background showing through. :grin:

I think they lost a lot of folks around that time. I’m just grateful I found a suitable replacement in NS.



I monitor my inverters via serial port. On Windows XP I used Sunprofit (you can find it here: )

I don’t like the idea that my firewall is doing other stuff than firewalling (Maybe I’m to paranoid :slight_smile: )

It was not really a mail problem, it started with syncing an internet calendar with Outlook. The synced appointments couldn’t be changed in Outlook. So I tried it with Nethserver/SOGo. That didn’t solve it either. When contacting the owner of the external calendar they told me it was by design: the appointments could only be viewed, to change one we had to use their app/website.

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You may try to connect to your inverters under linux:

I read there are also inverters with ethernet ports or adapters, that may ease the whole thing but just getting the values from serial port should be possible.

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Hello to all,

I have been looking for a replacement for Microsoft SBS for a long time now. Microsoft develops through the years in a way I do not like for small offices. I tested several Linux variants and eventually (fortunately for me) I discovered NethServer and I was pleasantly surprised at how well everything works around and the product NethServer is build.

I am currently testing all components and capabilities of NethServer and with this I already got to know the community which to my opinion, works very well. I hope to be able to use NethServer at a number of my customers (Small Office) and it is my intension that these customers are going to pay for annually support as long as they use your product. I think you all have done a great job with NethServer and that is why you should be rewarded for that.


Happy to read your words.

Good plan. What do you think about our subscriptions plan? Please add your thoughts here and submit our application form as soon as possible!

The subscription plan seems fine to me. There are plenty of options to choose from and the entry-level model is well priced.

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