How many of you are using NethServer for business/personal use? ☑

Currently I am using 3 instances of NethServer 7

  1. Backup server for all network shares
  2. WWW/MySQL/ticket system - generally application server with
    • virtual hosts
    • FTP
    • MariaDB
    • PostgreSQL
  3. NS7 instance for Virtualization (Win2k8) and in the future Samba4AD

I 've just started using Nethserver 7 a couple of weeks ago and installed on company I provide support to. It is used as server/gateway with functionality of web proxy, vpn. It is not intended to sell Nethserver to third party but a real solution to manage its small office network environment in circumstances that otherwise are difficult to find solutions. If this is an infringement on any part then by all means I would opt for paid support to developers as they deserve it. My contentment is gaining knowledge on how to use such grand tools to solve situations in a developing world.

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None of the above :confused:
I just replaced a Microsoft environment with several virtual Nethservers, running on a TrueNas storage layer in a Proxmox environment. You could call than internal use if it where not for the bunch of services it enables us to provide to the outside world and the fact that our existence now depend on them. That is not just internal use in my book :wink:

I have 5 NethServers in production out @customers:
1 of them is running under enterprise licences
2 of them are Domain Controllers
2 of them are TCP Proxys (extended function) and Webproxy
3 of them are Mailservers with SOGo
4 of them are virtual guests in proxmox

and all of them are working very well :slight_smile:


People thanks for your replies and votes on my survey, knowing how you’re using NethServer is really helpful and I always love to hear great stories from you. 46 votes :heart_eyes:

@robb does he offer you some nights for free thanks to this?
@Jim at home?
@m_farlotta noprofit organizations? Which kind of organization?
@des you’re come a long way in a short time
@ricko which kind of circumstances? “paying support to developers as they deserve it” ? Great to know, you can do this right now helping our friend @stephdl

Ehehe I love hearing that :slight_smile: Really! Yeah with “internally” I mean you’re not selling it to others :slight_smile:

@asl 5 customers? You’re doing great :ok_hand: Any plan for growing more?

I am using a nethserver as home server behind a pfsense firewall/router with 2 dsl lines and two separate networks. The pfsense is on a mini chinese box with 4 intel NIC’s built in from Qotom sitting in the hall with the two primary switches, the two modems and a wifi AP. The Nethserver is elsewhere on an HP Microserver serving one of the networks. For fun and security it is running in DC mode. It is used as a file server and a mail server in smarthost mode and nothing else so far. The other network hosts two little charities and an architect but they don’t need server resources. One charity used to and its old dell server running SME Server is still alive sitting in my office but purely for rarely needed access to old files by two people now so all I do with that is check for updates rather occasionally.

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Thanks for sharing. This is very very important to me :slight_smile:

Good occasion to switch to NethServer :slight_smile:

Wow 15 new votes today after my newsletter :blush:

I’m going to use nethserver behind my ipfire firewall to replace my old windows XP ‘server’ that was running Mercury32 mail, WAMP and roundcube.
It was also monitoring my solar panel inverters. Have to find a solution that works on CentOS :slight_smile:

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Are you a consultant?

At home or in your company?

With NethServer?

I wouldn’t think of myself as a consultant but a freelance IT professional who’s had experience in networking and computer systems. I do part time work at times when needed and also follow other interests in life. Have ambition to do a master degree in software development in the near future.

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I’m using it at home.
I’ve tried it at work because of a mail problem I had, but nethserver wasn’t the solution.

And yes, I want to monitor my solar panel inverters with the nethserver server. It’s always on, so why should I use an other device :slight_smile:

How do you monitor it? Which software did you use on XP?

All other things should be no problem at all. You may even replace your ipfire with Nethserver, it’s a good firewall, proxy, ips, vpn server too and for home use one device may be enough.

I think Nethserver is the best solution for an easy mail server so may I ask you what was the problem?

And you have some clients where you are installing NethServer? And supporting it? Or just suggesting?

I work In a Company that is a Nethesis Partner, so we sell/maintain Nethserver Ent to our customers (file server, mail server, base for other Company software, firewall, PBX) and use it internally.

I installed a Nethserver NG 6.9 Ent with Nethvoice at home and, with a list (tellows) and a script I can block most of the unwanted calls (mom thanks!).
Then I have installed a VM inside with Nethservice NG 7.4 with Madsonic.


No I don’t have clients who I install NethServer to or clients that make profit from NethServer. I only tried NethServer as an alternative to Zentyal which I have used previously. Heard a lot about NethServer from forums of those who left Zentyal. I have used NethServer once as a solution for a small business setup who I provide support which have issues with managing its network and bandwidth. I’m still learning and still going through issues which I hope will find solutions lurking through posted forums. How do people use NethServer? Maybe a business/ personal usage policy page for us.


Hello @ricko,

Feel free to open a support topic if you need help with your NethServer setup…

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Both :smiley: It is very flexible and gave me a chance to learn centos. Former debian user here, have not touched it in about a year :smirk:

Oh boy Zentyal…I only wish more people could jump ship…centos is so much better. I used zentyal back in my dark ages before I found nethserver and my eyes and heart were opened to the truth :smile: zentyal was alright but unless you knew debian in and out (I did) there were so many issues. From a security standpoint that isn’t good.

Ahaha I :heart: this sentence! I gonna steal it for my marketing stuff :smiley:

What do you mean exactly? A page where we try to summarize this discussion? Can you provide some examples?