How is your NethServer installation?

I want gathered some example of your installations

  • Where is?
  • How many users?
  • Which services activated?
  • Which type of customer?
  • How about the hardware used? Or virtual infrastructure.
  • Test or production environment?
    Let me know I’m really curious!

I’m still testing, but i’ll be replacing a 50 users mail server filter,
i will use another as proxy for the same 50 users, and other as samba,
all virtualized.

That’s a good challenge :wink: let me know how it goes
Do you have already seen @sitz howto?

I was really exited to find Nethserver after a year of testing with different mailsolutions. Nethserver is more than only mail, but was perfect for our goal! An easy way to setup a mailserver and to manage for less-tech-admins :wink:

We have just finished the testing phase and have now presented it to our public. I live in an old hospital which we have squatted 40 years ago. It’s normal housing since 35 years already, but in our own management. That’s also the case with network and internet for 250 people. We already have a lot of services but stepped away from our own mailserver when GMail came into existence. Since the Snowden revelations we are motivated to bring mail in-house again and with Nethserver we did just that!

Our setup:

  • Dell Poweredge 860, Quadcore, 3TB RAID1, 8GB for Nethserver.
  • Thecus N12000 NAS, 24TB for ownCloud storage and RainLoop webmail frontend connected to Nethserver.
  • Now about 20 active users and 12 domains but we’ve just announced the free-for-inhabitants service last week. We hope to serve about 200 users within a year.
  • Services; backup (iSCSI) and mail
  • Home-users and their companies
  • Right now it’s in production! :smile:

Running smoothly! Thanks.

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You don’t stop to amaze me 0_0

Squat&share, such lovely words! Ehehehe

The reason for the 3 network interfaces is that I am using eth0 and wlan0 as a gateway / firewall. Using eth1 to bridge a virtual network via br0.

Quick question, when installing Nethserver using the iso disc image, why dosn’t the default installation method create a swap partition?