How is NS actually used as a multi-domain mail server?

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: mail

Before everyone jumps on me about searching, I have, I’m not finding this.

One can host all kinds of web domains on NS… but what if it’s desired that users can send and receive email for those various domains.

I want to make sure I’m clear on how Nethserver is used as a multi-domain mail server.
Users created on NS have email accounts user@NS_fqdn.
additional domains can be created for email and users can have email aliases created; user@domain1, user@domain2, emails to these users received by NS are delivered to user@NS_fqdn.

Using any mail client one can send an email as user@NS_fqdn.

So, how do one send an email as user@domain2?

Roundcube using Identities?
Is there a way to use Thunderbird for these aliases?

I think you got it: identities! Many mail user agents can configure multiple identities (sender address, organization, signature and formatting preferences…).

As message submission agent, NethServer checks only the credentials provided with SMTP/auth. Once authenticated, the client can set any sender address. We planned to add some restrictions, but they aren’t implemented yet.

In any case, the sender address is up to the client (mua).

So your naming convention is very important… because if you have 3 guys named Steve White on 3 different domains…

My 2c: create generic user accounts then play with aliases

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