How involve more developers?

Because he’s spending the minimum he has to

but the paypal button could be related directly with the module, so there will be no need to redistribution

me too… it could be a possible but partial solution. I mean, it could be a solution for @stephdl (and this of course would be great), and i think he should try it… being active on more projects probably will lead more people to participate. But I think it’s not a viable solution to “attract/involve more developers” to NS (just to go back on topic)

completely agree with you, for me is the way to go

I agree… the point for me is: the topic of the thread and the experience you reported
If 26 Modules give 1 paypal donation for me this means that there is something that is not working, or at least that revenue will never be a reason to attract devs :grin:

I displayed a paypal button on each module page I did, the link is to my mirror Of course it is not a safe way, someone could change the url to direct to a personal paypal account.

I can try this and see what it comes…Bye the way, second donations. thanks

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The point is here!
What to do to enlarge this base, and hope a better return.

it’s true for the community, to have more active member.
it’s true for developer to have more revenue.

Communicate better,
Make things easier
Try to find an idea, to avoid struggling

Your work is specific for Nethserver and or SME? With some little modifications is your work can be adapt for Fedora, Centos, RHEL, ClearOS… other rpm based distro?

Jim… Every package like nethserver-xxx or smeserver-xxx is just for NS or SME
it won’t work on any other distro and it is quite easy to understand why
Again, we’re not focusing on how help Steph or abtract other devs

Steph, my 2 cents… Close your repo, think about a “license” key bound to each server… IOW, 1 server, 1 licenze
If you (generally speaking) have 3 servers, you need 3 keys…

Free software does not fit well a closed repo.

I think about Sernet Samba or Inverse SOGo when they closed their repositories.

I don’t catch how such move can improve their business. At a first glance I feel they limit their user base.

They sell services, like you (nethesis) do, so your sentence is a bit strange, isn’t it? :wink:

BTW, the issues here is that many (too many) consider free software as a beer for free, which is not
Another solution: all steph’s modules available from software center but download bound to a mandatory donation

did you never take a look to the Stephdl Repository applet in the dashboard :slight_smile:

I’d say no, but you’d know the reason, mate :wink:

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I’d like to move this discussion on a separated thread, so we can talk about Stephdl’s modules and how to a build sustainable way for development.
What do you think Steph?


Great move, I try to push the things harder.


Just a quick update about this, because an agreement has been reached.

Nethesis will pay Steph’s modules integrated into the core/iso: password and diag-tools.
The main reason is that, integrating them into the core, potential @stephdl’s profits have been blocked.
When a module is integrated into the core it’s pushed also in the enterprise version, so it’s fair to pay him for that.

In the future it’s possible that Nethesis will ask him or others to integrate some modules, asking the permission and estimated cost.

Regarding other modules, Steph is free to be paid for them but he currently wisely chose the donation way.
So as I said, help him making a donation :point_up:

I hope it could be a sustainable way to help NethServer contributors.


Really excellent work @alefattorini and @stephdl!!!

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Congrats @stephdl. you deserve this support. All those hours of dedication (and no doubt: fun) do pay off and get rewarded. Besides this very generous gesture of the company behind the NethServer project, you for sure deserve our eternal gratitiude! :heart_eyes: :persevere: :triumph:


It’s seem a good compromise…
A great deal :blush:


Agreed, bravo @stephdl and @alefattorini


Thank to all, a step in the good direction.


@stephdl That’s the right way, you deserve it.


Have collected some links to resources for Open Source projects and communities:

[-] Possibly not targeted to NethServer.

I think the decision regarding Steph goes in the right direction. :clap:

P.S. Wanted to post this the past month but forgot about it.


Hi all

just a quick note to thank nethesis and all involved people, I have received the term of the agreement today.

Have nice talks tonight