How I create a not visible shared folder for some groups?

I created different shared folders and assigned it to different groups. The other groups have no access to some of the folders.
I would like that this folder are not visible to this group and other members which have no access to the folder like the private folder. Is this possible to manage it from the GUI?

No is not. I don’t even know if there is an easy way to do it with Samba…

Ok. And how is this done with the private folder of every member? If I logon as hans-b I see only my folder hans-b via the network in WINDOWS. I can’t see the folders of peter-v, sara-u or root.

Another way would be to create a sub folder and I apply the access to different groups.
Let say I have folder ABC and the sub folder A, C and C.
I also have a group MASTER with the members m1, m2, m3 m4, m5,m6 which have access to MASTER
Also I have the groups Ma1, MA2, MA3 with some of the members are in one group and one in all groups.

Would this possible in general and possible vie the GUI?

It’s trivial, see browseable attribute in smb.conf (or take a look to SME’s templates)

ok, I re-read the question…

the only way to achieve such a result is to put all shared folders (or, at least, those which you want not to be “public”) in non browsable mode (see my previous post) and then mount them in windows/linux clients at boot (logon script or other solution)

this is not available via GUI and via samba in general… search this forums for acl or shared folders, you’ll learn more