How enabling the web access for sharedfolders

NethServer Version: 7.4

I’m making currently some tests with NS7 and I don’t have found how and where the web access to the sharedfolders can be enabled and configured.

The target would be to install a webapp into a sharedfolder like e.g. here: HowTo install Joomla on NethServer

The solution should be easy because it seems that nobody has to ask this for me!
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Arnaud,

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You just have to install the “Web server”.module from Software Center, it includes the virtualhosts module.

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Hi @mrmarkuz,
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OK, I was not aware that a virtualhost is not only an URL, but a storage place (/var/lib/nethserver/vhost/…) for the data of webapps too.


  • I don’t need to use shared folders as long as I use a virtualhost for each app, do I?
  • can I use /var/www/html to store CMS available from www.domain.tld? Or should I create a virtualhost “www”?
    I tried into /var/www/html and it seems not to work: I get redirected to www.domain.tld/doku from dokuwiki in spite it is set to run with its own virtualhost
    In other words, how to configure for www.domain.tld?
  • can a virtualhost populated with files and directories be compared to a sharedfolder accessible via webdav?


You’re welcome.

Correct. For webapps you may just use the virtualhost. Shared folders are SMB or NFS shares.

Did you install the dokuwiki module or did you manually install dokuwiki into a virtual host?
Usually it should work to put a CMS to /var/www/html. It’s the default virtual host, used when no other virtual host matches.

A virtualhost is used for webapps. Shared folders are for internal file sharing. For external file sharing I recommend Nextcloud, it supports webdav too. VPN to a shared folder is another alternative.

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Many thanks for these informations! :grinning:

Bye Arnaud

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