How enabling the web access for sharedfolders


(Arnaud) #1

NethServer Version: 7.4

I’m making currently some tests with NS7 and I don’t have found how and where the web access to the sharedfolders can be enabled and configured.

The target would be to install a webapp into a sharedfolder like e.g. here: HowTo install Joomla on NethServer

The solution should be easy because it seems that nobody has to ask this for me!
Thanks in advance.

(Markus Neuberger) #2

Hi @Arnaud,

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You just have to install the “Web server”.module from Software Center, it includes the virtualhosts module.

(Arnaud) #3

Hi @mrmarkuz,
and many thanks your your greetings and your reply.

OK, I was not aware that a virtualhost is not only an URL, but a storage place (/var/lib/nethserver/vhost/…) for the data of webapps too.


  • I don’t need to use shared folders as long as I use a virtualhost for each app, do I?
  • can I use /var/www/html to store CMS available from www.domain.tld? Or should I create a virtualhost “www”?
    I tried into /var/www/html and it seems not to work: I get redirected to www.domain.tld/doku from dokuwiki in spite it is set to run with its own virtualhost
    In other words, how to configure for www.domain.tld?
  • can a virtualhost populated with files and directories be compared to a sharedfolder accessible via webdav?


(Markus Neuberger) #4

You’re welcome.

Correct. For webapps you may just use the virtualhost. Shared folders are SMB or NFS shares.

Did you install the dokuwiki module or did you manually install dokuwiki into a virtual host?
Usually it should work to put a CMS to /var/www/html. It’s the default virtual host, used when no other virtual host matches.

A virtualhost is used for webapps. Shared folders are for internal file sharing. For external file sharing I recommend Nextcloud, it supports webdav too. VPN to a shared folder is another alternative.

(Arnaud) #5

Many thanks for these informations! :grinning:

Bye Arnaud