How can we organize our docs better?

We have some docs on our wiki and others here, I don’t know how many users are using our wiki but I’d like to highlight that

  • people aren’t looking for stuff on wiki, they start searching here
  • wiki home is pretty empty and people can’t understand how to search things, so it turns out pretty unuseful.

I suggest to

What do you think? I may write both right now.


Perhaps it lack a link or a menu ( or submenu ) entry in the home page :grin:

The actual wiki home page isn’t so empty, it’s a “hub” to go in the user doc, but for other contributors ( translation and devlopment)…

I suggest to find a way to make the Nethserver Home page and the wiki home in “harmony”

Give the wiki more visibility.
Make the actual wiki home page i"in" the nethserver home site ( for history, for a better background )

Teach to people to search first by google or other gg-like. A first search here on discourse is so much resticted :wink:

Yes but changing people’s habit is not so easy and I’m here to make people’s life easier :slight_smile:
I can’t change people but I can help them to find things in a simpler way
Just a test to see how it goes and point out to newcomers

We discussed this topic within the Ambassador Group and that’s the proposal suggested:

  • New HowTo have to be created in Discourse
  • Start the discussion, ask for feedback and let people amend changes. (maybe ‘wikify’ the post)
  • When a final version has been reached, create the howto in wiki and replace the howto in forums with a link to the wiki

Goals achieved

  • People search on Discourse and can find easily the wiki doc and discussion
  • The discussion remains on Discourse while the docs on Wiki
  • We haven’t to maintain two versions of the same doc, in the future someone says: “oh you miss that!” and we will edit directly the wiki

To Do

  • Move existing howto on the Wiki, replacing the first post with a link
  • Make the same thing for FAQs
  • Change the home putting at the moment it looks pretty empty. New structure is needed, something like this?
  • Change the sidebar on our wiki?

Who wants to lend a hand for this? @docs_team