How black/white listing works?

NethServer Version: 7.4

Hi there

I need to know how the email black/white listing stuff works.

I mean:

  • which BL are enabled? are them configurable?
  • how is supposed to work the whitelisting of an email address regarding the BLs? I mean… let’s say I have a customer which sends email from a blacklisted IP, can I whitelist his domain and receive his emails or BL will win?

any hint or documentation link is welcome

thank you in advance

Hi Stefano,

I just found this:

In my understanding whitelisting should win over blocklists to make sense but I didn’t try on NethServer…

AFAIK whitelist win but @davidep could deny me.

The whitelisted domain should win against any other spam check. Please refer to

Yes, the doc is lacking here (a PR is welcome):

Here is some info, at the end of the section

It’s possible to create an ‘Allow’ or ‘Block’ rule even for a complete email domain, not just for a single email address : you just need to specificy the desired domain (e.g. :

@Stefano_Zamboni would you mind submitting a PR since that we answer your concerns?
Please help to clarify the topic so that no one else will have your same doubts in the future

Sorry Alessio: I’m just asking for clarification 'cause I’ve been requested to find a solution for a customer… we’re still in proposal phase… the choice of NS of another product is still to be made… I have to know how it works

thank you for your time

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