How are you backup your system?

Which backup system or software?
By network on NAS, usb disk, rsync, cifs/smb folders, manually bash script? VM snapshot?
Do you have a particular strategy for production environments?
Which type of backup? Incremental, full…
Please share your expertise and experience

rsync for /etc /var/www /var/log /var/lib/nethserver to another site every night

  • a weekly snapshot on DigitalOcean or VmWare.

Eventually, if the Backup Module would provide possibilities to use a SSH or SFTP, I’ll make a daily incremental backup + a full every week and keeping my snapshot too.

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Open a new topic with such suggestion and try to describe how it should work FYI, mockup and specifications could be useful.


I would like to have a better choice for backup.

Why not imagine a panel of backup module to interoperate with Crash Plan or similar system.
or another module to backup to a dropbox or a webdav instance ( owncloud / icloud / google drive )

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looks like we want something similar :wink:

full system tar every night, and tar of home/samba.

Mail server as have no imap there’s no backup, just a stand by server.

I suppose too that small businness entrerpise could use DLT Or Ultrium to backup emails and homes users.
With incremential or diferential system plan…anyboby coudl not have a NAS and a NAS backup solution…