Hostname for Mailserver


i will install a NS 7 Final as Mailserver. I have a static IP and some registered Domains.
Can i give the NS 7 the FQDN like the subdomain?

For example Domain is
Subdomain is
MX of Domain points to Subdomain
Subdomain points to the static IP

What is the right FQDN for the NS 7?




Hi @transocean ,
it’s correct. :+1:

I proceed as follows


The right FQDN for the server would be
You can choose any name for servername as long you don’t intend to use that name as a subdomain.

You have to distinguish between domain as Samba4 domain and domain you registered at your registrar. They are 2 completely different entities. The only thing when they come together is when you use the registered domain name as (part of) the Samba4 domain.

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Hi Vincenco ant thanks for reply.

Is it a problem to give the NS a other FQDN that is not registered in public DNS when i set
the HELO with the command config setprop postfix HeloHost to

It’s not a problem.
The important thing is to add the public domain in the “Email” -> “Domains” in nethserver and set, as you did, the HELO.

I use the public domain for convenience in the creation of users / email addresses.

In the end, I check the server configuration through

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