Help with file server

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: Shared Folders


I am confussed with this module and the premissions, I install the module and try to create a folder, assing the permisions of two users, one for read and the other for write and read, but when i try to access to the folder under non-member win-workstation, ask me for the authentication, and block the access when i put the credentials, so, when i try in a member workstation its work, but when i try to copy files and folders to put in the shared folder, says access denied for some folders and the files copy really slow.

I was try with ldap and works without troubles but I can configure permissions to each user. Please hellp me, I put the screen with the configuration.

I would like to know if it is posible to access a shared folder in a non-member win-workstation of the AD.




Really works for 3 hours just for copy 70MB


When check the samba log of the non-member win-workstation is empty.


When I disable suricata, all works fine, mmm somenone know the rule to block this?

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The slow file copy is strange. Do you use IPS? It may slow down the network traffic in some cases, just an idea…

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Exactly, do you know if is a expecific rule or in general the module?

It should be a rule category. You may check Evebox (in applications), it shows what suricata does.

Ok, i will be check