Help in testing mirror/repo

Hi to all,
i need some test on repo and a mirror, if someone has some spare time, an help it’s really appreciated

on a clean 6.6
edit /etc/yum.repos.d/NethServer.repo
in [nethserver-updates]
comment the mirrorlist line
uncomment baseurl and edit it to:


yum clean all
yum update

i repeat it’s a TEST, so please don’t use on production server.
The repo basically it’s a copy of stephdl-repo ( @stephdl always thank you), with the same content but with resigned package.
to test it, add the repo:

cat << 'EOF' > /etc/yum.repos.d/dz00te.repo
name=dz00te repository for nethserver $releasever - $basearch

available packages:

then test some package with ie:

yum --enablerepo=dz00te install nethserver-BackupPC

and obviously report any problem also if there is no guarantee that i am able to fix it :slight_smile:
ah, glances it’s probably borken, i think i’ve found a solution but i need some time to rebuild and test package…



Just tested directly the repo part, it works like a charm

  [root@muflone ~]# yum --enablerepo=dz00te install nethserver-ddclient
    Loaded plugins: changelog, downloadonly, fastestmirror, nethserver_events, presto
    Setting up Install Process
    Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
     * nethserver-base:
    dz00te                                                                       | 2.9 kB     00:00     
    dz00te/primary_db                                                            |  32 kB     00:00     
    Resolving Dependencies
    --> Running transaction check
    ---> Package nethserver-ddclient.noarch 0:1.0.1-3.ns6 will be installed
    --> Processing Dependency: ddclient for package: nethserver-ddclient-1.0.1-3.ns6.noarch
    --> Running transaction check
    ---> Package ddclient.noarch 0:3.8.1-9.el6 will be installed
    --> Finished Dependency Resolution
    Dependencies Resolved

 Package                        Arch              Version                   Repository         Size
 nethserver-ddclient            noarch            1.0.1-3.ns6               dz00te             17 k
Installing for dependencies:
 ddclient                       noarch            3.8.1-9.el6               dz00te             46 k

Transaction Summary
Install       2 Package(s)

Total download size: 62 k
Installed size: 204 k
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
Setting up and reading Presto delta metadata
Processing delta metadata
Package(s) data still to download: 62 k
(1/2): ddclient-3.8.1-9.el6.noarch.rpm                                       |  46 kB     00:00     
(2/2): nethserver-ddclient-1.0.1-3.ns6.noarch.rpm                            |  17 kB     00:00     
Total                                                               257 kB/s |  62 kB     00:00     
warning: rpmts_HdrFromFdno: Header V4 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key ID bda85f60: NOKEY
Retrieving key from
Importing GPG key 0xBDA85F60:
 Userid: "dz00te <>"
 From  :
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Running rpm_check_debug
Running Transaction Test
Transaction Test Succeeded
Running Transaction
  Installing : ddclient-3.8.1-9.el6.noarch                                                      1/2 
  Installing : nethserver-ddclient-1.0.1-3.ns6.noarch                                           2/2 


 All my development work is done in my free time and from my own expenses. 
 If you consider my work as something helpful, thank you to kindly make 
 a donation to my paypal account and allow me to continue paying my server 
 and all associated costs.

 Thank in advance.
 Stephane de Labrusse Alias Stephdl

  Verifying  : ddclient-3.8.1-9.el6.noarch                                                      1/2 
  Verifying  : nethserver-ddclient-1.0.1-3.ns6.noarch                                           2/2 

  nethserver-ddclient.noarch 0:1.0.1-3.ns6                                                          

Dependency Installed:
  ddclient.noarch 0:3.8.1-9.el6                                                                     

[root@muflone ~]#

How can I test the first part?

pip install --upgrade bottle batinfo zeroconf netifaces pymdstat influxdb statsd pystache docker-py Glances logutils

the dependence logutils is not well listed in the pip installer, see —>

The main NFR that it should be done when glance will allows it, will be to set a password to the browser mode, for now it is (was) not possible

thank you for testing the repo…
to test the mirror, the only idea i’ve had is to point a clean installation of 6.6 to my mirror, and update it. it seems to work, after all i’ve used the detailed instruction of @giacomo :slight_smile:

tnx for the link, i had already seen the problem with logutils and pushed changes on my fork on github but… ahem… before go on i think i must find the time to study better how to create rpm, and also how works git :flushed:

i’m using a fedora22+the instruction of nethserver dev manual to build the rpm. I can create the rpm, it also works but it has always the name of a development build (ie. nethserver-glances-1.0.0-6.2.gef0ac35.ns6.noarch.rpm)

i would also like to build rpm before submitting patch to github… but make-rpms always seems to clone sources from github…

and also, i don’t fully understand why github doesn’t show activity on my forked project (maybe beacause i haven’t do any pull request for it?)

so, as i say i need to study before thinking to the NFR :grin: , but for now, the goal was to continue to make available to all your contribs easily with a repo, and this seems to work (tnx for the link on createrepo, save me a lot of time).
try to contribute/manage them it’s next (big) step but require some time to me, but i’ll try to find the time…

Knowledge is meant to be shared

you use the script of nethesis to build rpm, @davidep can help you, I have another script, based on the git branch.

Once is set up, just let us know if you want to add your mirror inside the official list :smile:

@Stll0, @giacomo, @filippo_carletti, @davidep, @alep

yeah i know i’m a little monotone… but thanks again for the script… works great. i’ve updated the package, the repo and tested on a clean installation and now glances seems to work correctly :smile:

i think that the mirror should be ok, i’ve added a confirmation mail to cron after the rsync, and it seems to works as expected… i’ve also tested updating some clean 6.6 installation using it as baseurl and also works… if you know some other test i should try just tell me, otherwise i think you could already put in the mirror list if it can be useful (it’s a small kimsufi server :expressionless: )

The make-rpms script is sensible to git tags. When a package is ready for releasing:

  • increase the Version RPM tag and edit the %changelog entry
  • commit the changes to .spec with message like “Release X.Y.Z”
  • add a git tag X.Y.Z
  • run make-rpms file.spec

The first three steps are automated with release-tag command, from package nethserver-mock.

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I checked the mirror but it seems some directories and files are missing.

Just compare: and

mhhh probably i should have chosen different folder names, to recap:

stephdl works (zip and unzipped):
dz00te repo (with stephdl contribs):
mirror of nethserver:

i could change the name of the repo folder…

hi @giacomo ,
did you have some time to test the mirror? can i leave the dir name as is or should i change it before include the mirror in mirrorlist? if so, i could do it in the weekend… tnx

My mistake, I was looking to the wrong URL.
Mirror is OK and now is part of official NethServer mirrors: ! :boom:

Thank you and Kudos to @dz00te!


@dz00te :+1: kudos to you man!

mirror is active from 2 week, and repo seems to works at least for @marceloeng an me :slight_smile:
before making the repo “stable” and make a new post… has anyone had any problem with the repo?

I think the mirror is working very well! :smile: