Having trouble setting up the MX relay

Hi @Nas, I am in need of your help, I changed my internet provider and now with fixed ip, but I’m having trouble setting up the MX relay. Did you could help me with this task, please?

Hi sure what can i help you with?

I’ve set the dns in registro.br, organ that manages the dns here in Brazil.

I configured the mail server in the NS server 6.7 version I am using. However not can send or receive messages. The messages are denied by the destination servers, for example gmail.com, hotmail.com and others. You could look at these settings to ensure that all right or not?

Thank you for your help and attention.

Hi sure please share domain name and we can arrange chat or teamviewer session.

Thanks a lot man.
follow the nslookup.

we can make it when you can, for sure.

Thanks again.

See you.

Oh my god.

Please ask your provider to change PTR record, because dsl in ptr record is blocked by all mail servers. And treated like SPAM.

Or use smarthost of your provider as smtp…

But when I try to connect using telnet on the known ports, most of them are either blocked or not accessible. Please also check your firewall settings if the ports are open.

Hello everyone.
My ISP changed my reverse DNS settings.

However my emails are not delivered to recipients normally, they are going to spam boxes automatically.

Any idea?

DNS reverse isn’t configured correctly yet
dig -x +short

And port 25 on your IP is closed. What’s your domain?


Port 25 for SMTP is closed and your IP is on the Blacklist RATS Dyna.

You can check this here: http://mxtoolbox.com

Regard from the sunny side of Germany


@lvicentini have you fixed your issue with the mailserver?
If so, please mark this topic as resolved