HAproxy SOGo config

Anybody got a working config of HAProxy for SOGo? Can’t get the config working. The SOGo page doesn’t show up. We use the config below with a lot of websites no problem at all.

acl host_mail_domain_tld hdr(host) -i mail.domain.tld
use_backend https_mail_domain_tld_nl if host_mail_domain_tld

backend https_mail_domain_tld
mode tcp
option forwardfor
option ssl-hello-chk
server srv

HaProxy is doing SSL termination for the request.

I’ve had great success using the HAProxy plugin with Pfsense and SOGo. Tom Lawrence had a nice follow along video that helped - https://youtu.be/jpyUm53we-Y

Needed to create a virtual host and suddenly is started working.