GUI tool to import users and create email id's

NethServer Version: NS7.6
Hi all,
May be a wish list thing.
Why can’t we create a module for importing user id’s, email id’s, set password and add them in groups?
This can help the users!!


What kind of eyecandy would you like in a “gui-tool” for such a feature? You still need to say WHAT the tool must import. For instance by creating a txt or CSV file with the info.
You can create a button to click on but all it will do is set off a script that is doning a pre defined task.
I think it is a lot more flexible to dive a bit into the commandline and document (a) method(s) to import those users.
There are so many variables that I don’t see how this could be implemented in a sustainable way.
If you would like an equivalent for MS Active Directory Users and Computers tool to be able to manage Samba, I do agree with you that would be VERY convenient. Either as an application or a webbased GUI. But to be honest I think that is a bit too far fetched as an ambition for NethServer.