GUI on Nethserver

I´m really sorry for this probably blasphemic question, but does anybody has experience with GUI installation on Nethserver?
As Webmin is to dangerous, we would like to have the opportunity to use a file manager like nautilus for actually seeing the file architecture.

# yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop" "Graphical Administration Tools"

There is midnight commander (mc) which works from command line.

A desktop environment, like Gnome, can be installed but usually is not recommended on servers


can you elaborate a bit more your problem/issue?

It’s just a little bit annoying if your “browsing” though the directories by using cd and ls :wink:

you have MC, and many, many ways to navigate the FS…

find, tree (need to be installed) are the first that come under my fingers…

don’t forget to use your TAB key to autocomplete…


MC is super cool- forgot it- thanks!

You have ncdu also

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