Group firewall services

With Nethserver is possible to group the firewall services?

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does it make any sense? I mean, I understand what you are asking for but is it usefull in any way?

can you give us an example of what you mean?

Thank you

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Hi, what do you mean ? Example pls…

I guess he means to assign a name to a group of ports and use the group in the firewall rules.
You could set a “mail” service group using ports 25,110,587,993, 995 and open them with a single rule.
It’s a feature I’m missing.


You can already do it by creating a service object with multiple ports.

Firewall-> Firewall objects -> Services.


Thank you @giacomo
I used the comma (,) char as port separator.

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Thank you for helping friends.

@filippo_carletti, @giacomo

should be in a FAQ, IMHO


Sorry to bring up this old thread, but why aren’t service objects used with port forwards? Ports need to be specified in the port forward rule rather than selecting a service object… and a comma cannot be used, so if you need multiple ports (except a range), multiple port forward rules are needed.

We have plans to extend the port foward, @davide_marini is this modification included?

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Hi all,
as @giacomo said we want to improve the port forwarding panel and the request of @Adam is already included in the bunch, I hope we can have it soon!

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