GPO inheritance policy not processed correctly

Hi all, question about GPO on nethserver:
I have activated GPOs, on an OU for some users and computers. I blocked the inheritance of the criteria leaving only the new gpo created and everything works, except that of the computers included in the new OU. That is, it works partially, it executes the policies indicated by me, but only the PCs in the new OU, report parameters defined in the default criteria, this does not happen with users. I’ve checked the inheritance on the new PC OU, and I only see the new policy. I wonder why the PCs process the new parameters and bring with them some of the criteria defined in the default one. I hope I have set out clearly. Thank you allgpo

By executing the RSOP or GPRESULT command, I identified a value on the GPO profile of the users and not of the computer, therefore nethserver regularly processed the policies.