Good practices are Solid Gold

I have a little suggestion,
I agree a 100% that as Written very clearly that using 3rd party repositories are at the user’s responsibility a 100% , and that is absolutely normal .

I use @stephdl 's repos for many things, I have nothing to complain about :slight_smile:

But it, it a very basic good practice to not mislead a user purposely or not of course,

While cleaning up one of many NS servers, I see that packages installed from stephdl’s repos, like latest roundcube and dolibarr ( milles mercis :slight_smile: ) many show the repository name as “installed” :

This very dangerous and misleading, while debugging or investigating .

Is it normal ? have I done something the wrong way ?

So I would like to suggest removing this anomaly,

Is it up to “NS” to “fix” this ? maybe because or yum’s interpretations
or up to the provider ?
Like here to Stéphane to make sure his packages are not listed as they could/would have been installed from the official repos … ?

Best regards

How else would they appear? To add the repo to a system, you install it. More specifically, you install a RPM that configures your system to use that repo.

What do you think it means that the repo is “installed”? In what way do you believe it to be dangerous or misleading?

Yes please explain with CLI command what is your issue, I am not sure to understand.

When you do yum list installed

you can see this

nethserver-pihole.noarch          1.0.1-1.ns7                @stephdl           
nethserver-release.noarch         7-19.ns7                   @nethserver        
nethserver-smartd.noarch          1.1.0-1.ns7                @nethserver        
nethserver-squid.noarch           1.11.1-1.1.g1fb59dd.ns7    @/nethserver-squid-1.11.1-1.1.g1fb59dd.ns7.noarch
nethserver-squidclamav.noarch     3.1.0-1.ns7                @nethserver-base   
nethserver-squidguard.noarch      2.0.6-1.ns7                @nethserver-base   
nethserver-sssd.noarch            1.7.1-1.ns7                @nethserver-updates
nethserver-stephdl.noarch         1.1.7-1.ns7.sdl            @/nethserver-stephdl-1.1.7-1.ns7.sdl.noarch

We can see that some rpm are installed manually and other from my repo and also from other NethServer* repositories