Getting internet nethserver

Dear all, I installed nethserver with default ip config (,, then i changed the defaults to and gateway with for the GREEN connection.

Ok after i configure local network what do i configure more. because if i configure RED connection i have to install some apps as per your administration document. But how can i install this apps without configuring RED connection first. Can anyone explain me how to configure RED connection prior to get internet access. I am stucked in this step

You need an existing working network. Give NethServer an available IP on your existing network and assign the existing gateway. Use the software center to download the firewall package before replacing your existing router with NethServer.

If your current internet connection is a static IP, I guess you could assign that static IP for setup and then change it from green to red once you’ve installed the firewall package.



How many network interface do you have?
It’s alway better to connect the Nethserver on the trust existing lan. like this, you can connect on the webgui via a browser on another computer.
With the webgui, you can easily configure the Nethserver after the first step configuration wizard.

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Ok I will follow instructions and let u know. Thanks

Ok Adam and jim. I followed the instructions. My problem is resolved.
plus, if i am implementing a new server to a new network, should i connect green interface to the router. I can configure the server with another computer connected to the same router. am i correct?

It’s depend of the number of physical network interface.

  • If you have more than two NICs, you can plug one one the existing trust lan and configure another NIC to be the new lan.

  • If you have two NICs, one green, and one red, you plug the green on the existing LAN, connect via the webgui and configure this NIC for the new lan… You will lost the connection when apply parameters…
    It’s not a big deal… If you have a router configured or a switch to simulate the new lan.


  • The best way to configure a new server for a new lan is to have a spare workstation with a static ip adress ( on the new lan ) and configure the new nethserver directly with the new lan. The Nic connected via a switch with the workstation.
    Yes, you’re right.