German translation in-completed on Transifex

Sorry guys I tried to read @gerald_FS 's post many times but I cannot understand what he is asking for.

It’s a call to translate for German folks! Right @gerald_FS?
Maybe we could make an exception to english-only rule, for translations problem. It’s not easy speaking about like this in English… Thoughts?

Thanks @alefattorini
Yes I think that we can make an exception for translation issues.

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Good morning!

after apparently my concerns is incomprehensible to some here again in short form:
This is a call that more people should participate in the translation project for the German translation.

The all understand what was my concern, I have the text set in German and in English - because the language in the forum is basically English.

@Karl_Muller and @bernhard_weber could you help here?

I do my best :slight_smile:

This is what I want to hear!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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More @ Night…

I corrected a german language file for the Mail Filter tab. Could you please use this with next update.
The other one has a big misunderstanding in it. Thank you!

Do you have corrected it on transifex? Don’t worry, it will update automatically.

Which file is it? I’m working on the ‘Mail’-file. Maybe I could make a quick correction :smile: .

Yes, I did! Is there any review necessary?

Yes, it is. Transifex should suggest you some terms to review.

I get some updates for nethserver, but no german language files?!

Please, be patient.
I’m preparing a bunch of updates, including language packages.
Updates will be available tomorrow in all mirrors.

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We’re working for you!

Sorry! I thought it will be automatically added to the update repository and would only give a hint that this hasn’t worked.
How is the update process designed?

Great work, the translation is successfully installed.


German translators, what about translate the entire manual? @Linux4All @mikabeckerich @bernhard_weber @gerald_FS @Hunv

We may also involve @denis.robel @Karl_Muller @thorsten @Wolfgang_Hofer @rasi @Pascal_Michard @cmonty @supernicky @rowihei

Check this link:
Building Translations Team