Generic Clamav questions


Still, Google Translate. Sorry.
Test item from the server. ClamAV antivirus running resident mode?
Because the EICAR does not recognize when downloading only when scanned.

Is there any way to run resident?


Hi @Krajczar_Jeno,

which version of nethserver? Things changed a lot on 7!

Do you mean the web proxy?

I don’t know… What is resident mode? Maybe @filippo_carletti can help us…

resident mode is called: constantly running.
Nethserver at 6.8 I use.
The test file I downloaded wget. I expected to immediately recognize this virus.

Did you enable the web proxy? Is NethServer your gateway? Transparent or enabled?

yes, all enabled

I suspect that locally (i.e. in console) downloaded files bypass web proxy…

try from a client with a real browser

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Maybe a little off topic but usefull anyway. In a different setup i’ve managed to use this technique to reduce bandwidth usage when many pc’s are updating clamav databases.
In short, the idea is to run a couple of scripts on the server to download clamav databases and put them in a web server document root reachable from green network
Then we need to point the clamav client in the workstations to get updates from this “local mirror”

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I think about this.
I’d like this.