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I’m new to the Nethserver comunity. I’m using the community version to evaluate some features, and contruct a Demo envirnoment, to show our customers an alternative platform for network services and collaboration.

I have some questions:
Domain Controller : we use Windows Active directory for AD domains … I’m evaluating to use Nethaserver as a second / backup domani controller, instead of a second Windows box (which require a windows license)
The domain controller role what features does it support? I suppore user, groups , password …
How does it work regarding 5 AD Roles (schema, FSMO ecc) , Group policy, sincronizations and replications with Windows AD servers?
How does it apper from the Active Diretcory user and computer snap-in : will I see as a full domain controller ?

Groupware: I’m evaluating Nethserver as a mail platform , alternative to Exchange, to share contact and calendars. I tried in the community edition , but I’ not able to share contact folder with more users … Do I need the enterprise version ?
I also need to undestand integration with outlook clients, if it works fine …


Hi, welcome here…

NS can act as a NT style PDC or like an AD member, not as an AD server/backup

about groupware: calendar and address book sharing is supported by default with SOGo, even in community edition

ATM, AFAIK, there’s no outlook integration, but I hope someone else will give you a detailed answer.


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I moved a post to a new topic: How to share correctly an address book in SOGo?