Gateway ip not on interfaces ip network problems

This is a custom issue that we have to deal with… Our host provider is OVH and its common for your new ips to be separate from your gateway ip network… Nethserver has a very hard time with this…
We have been really trying to work with this by inserting the proper info in the web front end however it doesn’t seem to stick…

Here is what we are getting to work.

sleep 30s
ifconfig eth1 netmask
sleep 2s
route add dev eth1
route add default gw eth1
sleep 2s
service httpd stop
cp -f /root/httpdbackup /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
chmod 555 /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
sleep 1s
service httpd start

Ips have been changed to protect our infrastructure publicly but you can get the idea…

These two commands some times ran after the reboot will some times correct things to the point where i am back online publicly but…

Thank you Loren.

Would you mind to try the new static route page in NS 7? It should fix the problema with OVH without manual changes.

Also, why are you changing httpd.conf mode?

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@lorentedford as per @giacomo suggestion, can you test our new static routes?
I’d like to see your feedback here

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Right at this moment I am in the middle of a medical transport for a dr appointment I have when I get home I will fire up proxmox and try to install the beta…

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I am starting the test on neth server 7 and will get back with you with in the next 48 hrs after i am sure every thing is working correctly.

I am having the same issue with this distro as the last one… It does not like to connect to the internet side of the world… Here is a screen shot…!Ann6Dvc7oI7eng8ZAv0WPQNawl4b

Some of this i can’t talk about on the thread so if your open to a private message i will be able to share maybe a little more on whats going on with our setup…

You have to put a network in that field. not an IP

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Hi @lorentedford,

As @alefattorini said and what the red message show, in the Network address field you must use the CIDR format of the network:, as example.

Did you try and solved?