Gateway configuration on VM


Actually i am testing NethServer, which seems very interesting
I have here just a question, by the way

My Installation is running in a vm, with one NIC only.
I just checking, if i can use NethServer also as a Gateway, instead the usual router
Hope you can answer my question,

If you want to use NethServer as a gateway, you need 2 network interfaces.
If you run NS in a VM you can add multiple virtual interfaces so you can try out the gateway module.


thank you for this info

Hi Hans, welcome on NethServer Community! Feel immediately comfortable and free to ask whatever you need.
Could you please solve this topic?


thank you for coming back.

No, i could not yet solve this issue, with reason of time matter
Certainly I’ll find time to follow up not until this weekend

I’ll coming back later so


i have checked a little bit, but i can’t find where to install and configure a PPoE connection, so i can connect via my provider in the internet
Have you any idea where i can find it ?
I have now a second nic installed, and i can ping my internal network, but only with IP, name resolution dont work, neither ping outsite the internal network
Thank you in advance for your help