Fresh install of 7.4 - file sharing speed low

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708-x86_64
Module: file sharing Samba

Hello everyone,

Moving files on my new Nethserver only works around 1MB/s. The network is slow in general but I had Zentyal running for a few days and achieved at least rates from 5-10 MB/s (same files) as well as just sharing from Windows work stations reaches about that. Google tells me to edit my smb.conf but the file tells me from nethserver not to edit it (did it none the less without any change in performance).

Can anybody give me some advice what to do? Thank you!

Hi @Armin,

This is really slow, on my home network I get about 30 MB/s. Did you check transfer speeds between your different devices? Maybe there is one bad device responsible for the “slow network”

Upload from Windows client to NethServer

On the same hardware as Nethserver runs now? Do you use virtualization? Does it make a difference in speed, when you do FTP transfer instead of samba? Just to check if it’s the protocol… Do you see errors in /var/log/messages?

Nethserver uses templates to write the config files, so your direct changes to config files will be lost on reboot. Best way is to create custom templates:


Do you have Suricata IPS enabled.

I see CPU usage of up to 200% when moving files to a Samba share on the NS server and sometimes the transfer speed drops to a ridiculously low level.



Seemed to be a bad device, a slow router in my network. The server is now spiting out data as fast as the network can handle them.

Thanks a lot!