FreePBX - Failed to ... notification email

NethServer Version: 7.7

I just installed FreePBX on a new server and got these errors:

Please give me a hint where I have to set the email…

Module Admin/Scheduler and Alerts:


Thank you but I got also problems with the upgrade to 7.8. I had many service running on this server and tought its better to split it up.

I installed two server (NS 7.8), one for chat, mail, file and the other one for voip…
The voipserver showed me this after the first login:

What are the next steps to solve the warnings/problems?

OK, try to upgrade:

Everything looks good now. I just did it without CLI…


scl enable rh-php56 -- fwconsole ma updateall

Module(s) requiring upgrades: core
Upgrading module 'core' from to
Downloading module 'core'
Processing core
 1126580/1126580 [============================] 100%
Finished downloading
Download completed in 4 seconds
Updating tables trunks, pjsip, sip, dahdi, iax, indications_zonelist, devices, users, incoming, outbound_routes, dahdichandids, outbound_route_patterns, outbound_rout             e_sequence, outbound_route_trunks, outbound_routes, outbound_route_email, trunk_dialpatterns...Done
Adding EmergencyDevicetable..Done
Migrating pickup groups to named pickup groups
Migrating call groups to named call groups
Checking for possibly invalid emergency caller id fields..none found
Migrating old media encryption values...done
Removing encoding on incoming routes alertinfo values...done
Generating CSS...Done
Module core version successfully installed
Updating Hooks...Done
All upgrades completed successfully!
Updating Hooks...Done
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